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Okay, so unless I decide to post more, this is the last post I'll make about the Ray Wylie Hubbard "Hey you kids get off my lawn" series. I saw Ray's humor in his original posts on Twitter which I started to catalog here. I stumbled onto a "response" to Ray's posts in a publicly posted note on Facebook, so I put in my 2 cents and posted the original, unedited text of the note in another blog post which has now been edited slightly to mask out the guy's name because even though he made a bad choice he doesn't deserve to continue to get lambasted, blasted or copied and pasted (heh) any more. I'm sure Mr. H is a good guy that just happened to criticize one of our favorite people and he *might* even wish he hadn't done it. That's just me making an assumption, and I usually try to let umption look however he is going to look on his own. Anyway, Ray was kind enough to give me some props in post #9 of 9 so far, and I hope he'll continue them, but if he doesn't he'll hopefully continue to write great songs, sing them, let others sing them, tour around the world singing them, do his Roots and Branches of Americana radio show on 92.1fm KNBT for MANY years to come while the rest of us stand by and watch in awe. Below is Ray's latest response to the whole situation, as well as some thoughts about recent and upcoming shows. I'll try to format this one better so it is clear it's somebody else's words and not mine, I hope nobody ever even for a moment thought those responses to Ray were mine! :)

whew. got to try to tweet the second thing that comes into my mind..i appreciate all the responses to my 'hey kids get off my lawn'. i got to realize that not everyone sees humor in what i say and there are those who don't have have a sense of humor at all or maybe just don't get mine. i'm sure the road manager who wrote the response to the music of new braunfels article is a professional hard working dude who takes care of whatever band it is that employs him. i haven't figured out who that is..the truth is i haven't tried. i got other things to do than try to figure who he works for and it doesn't matter to me anyway and ain't gonna change nothing.
what matters is i got a road manager by the name of kayla who raises bulls for the bad company rodeo livestock company and takes care of me and kyle and lucas like a mama lion protecting her cubs, plans our tours like patton wearing lipstick and has a great sense of humor..worth repeating.. great sense of humor.. first thing judy taught her when she went to work for us was to smile when you're getting the money..we ain't been stiffed yet.
maybe ma hub should tweet her 10 rules of prosperity in getting a 66 year old dead thumb finger picking blues singing half ass poet who never has made the country charts or even the tx music charts a career that some have said they envy.
its still a struggle and as i've mentioned before there are years in the past that on my income tax return i have been just above hobby status.. i am probably repeating myself as i don't read these thing once i post them and i don't recall if i posted these things or just thought them.
san angelo was an off night. couldn't seem to connect. i told kyle that it was like playing for a photograph of an audience. just kidding...i mean i said it..but was just sorta kidding.
i am kinna sorry the marines down front who were just great heard me ask kayla how long we still had to play and when she said 50 minutes left i said 'go get paid now..i may quit at any time.' 5 minutes later she rubbed her thumb and fore finger together. patted her right boot and mouthed ' i got it.'
i didn't quit and played the full hour and a half. first time in a long time i didn't do an encore.
i did enjoy meeting those marines and taking a picture with them.
'to err is human, to forgive is divine..neither of which is marine corp policy." thank you guys for all you have done for this country. hope you dig the song 'red badge of courage'
kayla will give our military guys and gals a cd or a koozie ever so often cause she knows judy's pop was a marine.
okay roscoe tx and midland...here we come..gonna bring lucas and his vox ac 30..listen to choctaw bingo between now and then cause i'm gonna ask you to sing the verse about ruth ann and lynn and them cut off britches . it will be a time, i promise..well, then again.. you should know i am thinking about starting a movement called 'promise breakers.'
Thanks Ray!

Just for grins, here is a blog I posted after interviewing Ray back in March before his Grit N Groove Fest in April. -Read it here

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