Ray Wylie Hubbard: Sideman Hints

I love anything that Ray Wylie Hubbard writes, that includes his 140s of wisdom, advice or humor. When he goes into a theme, I feel the need to blog it. I hope he doesn't mind, it's what I do!

Sideman Hints:

  • @raywylie: sideman hint #1: on stage if you don't have a microphone..don't mouth the words to the song the singer's singing. kinna show offie & creepy
  • @raywylie: sideman hint #2: don't play while the singer's singing. they don't like that. the reason mickey rafael has had his job for decades.
  • @raywylie: sideman hint#3: no matter how many times you've heard the patter between songs when the singer says the punchline..you laugh your ass off.
  • @raywylie: sideman hint#4: if there's another guitar player in the band, don't ever walk over & turn his volume down during a song. there will be blood
  • @raywylie: forget sideman hint #4..if the other guitar player is too loud, feel free to go turn his amp down. In fact I insist..he'll thank you.

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