Ray Wylie Hubbard's "Get off my lawn" series

Ray Wylie Hubbard (@raywylie) started posting these on Twitter, and I felt compelled to log them here. Ray is one of my favorite people in the business, and anything he does, did or ever will do is great. The sooner you learn that, the sooner you can improve your life by adding a daily dose of Hubbard to it! :)

hey you kids get off my lawn:
#1: hey young txreddirt bands. don't use in/ear monitors at a club.it looks stupid. quit it. you ain't bon jovi
#2: ok txreddirt bands..if you gonna steal a riff and write a song don't make it as obvious as 'stranglehold'. jeez
#3: don't say your influence is townes & then write metaphor deficient medium tempo trite singalongs. leave that to me
#4: don't do walk/on music at club gig. its hokey. cut the sound for 3 mins b4 u go on so crowd won't compare you to other bands
#5: maybe having tasty guitar chops isn't as important as being on tx music chart but someday it might be all you have & will come in handy.
#6: even at some gigs if you think of me as an old whore still turning tricks..you need to know i ain't faking it.
#7: when in a music store and you want to try out a guitar, plug it into an amp..don't ask if they got a mirror
#8: by the way, if i was a young band and wanted to have a bus and laminates i would probably not take my advice.
#9: you should find a road manager who is highly efficient yet has a sense of humor and doesn't piss off journalists.
note: I am honored Ray considers me a journalist! (:

HOPEFULLY more to come!

my April, 2013 pre-Grit N Groove interview

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