New Year's Eve 2012

There is an abundance of live music in New Braunfels and the surrounding area on New Year's Eve. Here is a quick run-down of your choices!

Gruene Hall: Stoney Larue
Billy's Ice: The Blooms with Tony Taylor
River Road Ice House: Kyle Reed Band
Freiheit Country Store: Jason Allen
Tavern in the Gruene: Midnight River Choir
The Phoenix Saloon: Javi Garcia
The PourHaus: Stewart Mann & The Statesboro Revue
Riley's Tavern: The Beaumonts with Shakey Jake
Texas Music Theater: Ray Wylie Hubbard with Uncle Lucius
Cheatham Street Warehouse: Doctor G & the Mudcats
Sam's Burger Joint: Mingo Fishtrap
The White Horse (Austin): Sons of Fathers

Week of 12/24/2012

Billy's Ice
Tuesday: Rodney Pyeatt
Wednesday: 3 Man Front
Thursday: Mario Flores and The Soda Creek Band
Friday: Matt Begley opens for Rob Baird
Saturday: Mark Allan Atwood and Brimstone opening for The Crooks
Sunday: Benefit in honor of Sandy Hook Elementary (6-midnight) with Chris Allbright
NYE: The Blooms with Tony Taylor!

River Road Ice House
Wednesday: Empty-Handed Vagabonds
Thursday: Garrett Snowden and Paul Rogers
Friday: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades opening for The Damn Quails
Saturday: Kyle Reed Band and Hunter McKithan & The Offenders
Sunday: Benefit in honor of Sandy Hook Elementary (12-6)
NYE: Kyle Reed Band!

Gruene Hall
Wednesday at 1: Betty Soo & Will Sexton
Wednesday: The Georges
Thursday at 1: John Arthur Martinez
Thursday: Cody Canada & The Departed
Friday at 1: Bo Porter Trio
Friday: Reckless Kelly with William Clark Green
Saturday at 1: Flat Top Jones
Saturday: Roger Creager with Jason Cassidy
Sunday at noon: The Peterson Brothers then Seth Walker at 2
Sunday: Casey Donahew Band
NYE: Danny Brooks at 1 then STONEY LARUE!

Tavern in the Gruene
Thursday: Scott Wiggins
Friday: Monty Guitar Tyler (Tony Taylor 5-7)
Saturday: Tony Taylor
NYE: Midnight River Choir!

The Phoenix Saloon
Thursday: Lucas Taylor 5-7 for happy hour
Friday: The Groove Hounds Holiday Special (Free & Vee) and friends 5-9
Saturday: The Georges End of Year Rockabilly Dance Party
Sunday at 2: Al Barlow and friends
Sunday: True Audio Outland Presents: B.J. Thibodeaux and Manzy Lowry
NYE: Javi Garcia's Big New Year's Eve Extravaganza!

The Brauntex Theater
Thursday: Tribute Concert Series: The Coconuts of Wrath perform the songs of Jimmy Buffett

Freiheit Country Store
NYE: Jason Allen!

The PourHaus
Thursday: Mike Gutierrez
Friday: JR Castro
Saturday: Chris King and Mike Ethan Messick
NYE 6-9: Stewart Mann & The Statesboro Revue!

Buffalo Wings & Rings
Wednesday: Steven Roloff and Bryan Boyce

Riley's Tavern
Wednesday: The Loose Hinges
Thursday: Pepper's Blues
Friday: Ratliff Dean Thiebaud
Saturday: Amanda Jo Cevallos
NYE: Shakey Jake opening for The Beaumonts!

Cheatham Street Warehouse
Wednesday: Kent Finlay's Songwriter's Cirlce
Thursday: Dry River Religion
Friday: Jordan Minor and friends
Saturday: Adam Johnson & The Pay Me's
Sunday: Private Event
NYE: Doctor G & The Mudcats!

Texas Music Theater
NYE: Ray Wylie Hubbard with Uncle Lucius!

Sam's Burger Joint
Wednesday: San Antonio Blues Society Wednesday Night Jam
Thursday: Sons of Fathers with Ghosts and Rivers
Friday: Band of Heathens with Drew Kennedy
Saturday: Del Castillo with Ruben V
NYE: Mingo Fishtrap!

The White Horse (Austin)
NYE: Sons of Fathers!

Week of 12/17/2012

Billy's Ice
Monday: The Sweet Nuthin
Tuesday: Austin Gilliam
Wednesday: Tony Taylor and Jackson Parten
Thursday: Roadside Libby
Friday: Retro FX
Saturday: 3 Man Front
Sunday: The Texas KGB

River Road Ice House [WEBSITE]
Monday: Empty-Handed Vagabonds
Tuesday: Open mic night
Wednesday: Bryan Boyce
Thursday: Cody Owens
Friday: Dave Fenley and The Good Deal
Saturday: Poor J. Brown
Sunday: TBA

Gruene Hall
Monday: Bret Graham
Tuesday: 2nd Annual Two Ton Tuesday Christmas Show
Wednesday: Chris Ruest Band w/W.C. Clark
Thursday: Jordan Minor Band
Friday: Charlie Robison (The Statesboro Revue opens!)
Saturday at 1: Hot Club of Cowtown
Saturday: Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison Holiday Show
Sunday at noon: The Kirks
Sunday at 4: Ponty Bone & The Squeezetones

Tavern in the Gruene
Monday: Court Nance and friends
Tuesday: KNBT's Roots and Branches of Americana with Ray Wylie Hubbard [?]
Tuesday at 9:30: The Blooms
Thursday: A Very Politician's Christmas with Horseshoes & Hand Grenades and Austin Gilliam
Friday at 5: happy hour with Tony Taylor
Friday: Forest Wayne Allen
Saturday: Kyle Reed Band

The Phoenix Saloon
Thursday at 5: Steven Vee acoustic happy hour
Friday at 5: Lucas Taylor acoustic happy hour
Saturday: Dallas Burrow Band + Tim Ryans + Snob Dylan
Sunday at 2: Al Barlow and friends
Sunday: Tony Taylor, Jackson Parten and Kyle Reed

Riley's Tavern
Monday: Mike Ethan Messick (Riley's Employee Christmas Party)
Tuesday: Steven Roloff
Wednesday: Robbie Doyen
Thursday: Samantha Lynn & The Love Liberation Army
Friday: Bracken Hale
Saturday: Joel Hofmann Band

Cheatham Street Warehouse
Monday: Forest Wayne Allen, Brett Hauser and Victor Holk
Tuesday: Garrett Snowden & Kurt Grein
Wednesday: Kent Finlay's Songwriter's Circle & Potluck Supper
Thursday: Kem Watts Trio
Friday: T-Bone & The Bluetones
Saturday: Doctor G & Mudcats (Cheatham Street Christmas Party)
Sunday: TBA

Buffalo Wings & Rings
Wednesday: Steven Roloff, Keith Hickle and Forest Wayne Allen

The PourHaus
Wednesday: Geoffrey Hill and Jon "Chops" Richardson (The Pintsmen)
Thursday: Jon Magill
Friday: BJ Thibodeaux
Saturday: Gerald Burns

Kork Wine Bar
Saturday: Two Rivers Trio

Sam's Burger Joint
Monday: Johnny P. & The Wiseguys
Wednesday: Coles Whalen with Kari Kuwamura
Thursday: Matt Beilis with Jackson Parten
Friday: Max Stalling with blacktopGYPSY
Saturday: Emory Quinn and Wheeler Brothers
Sunday: SoldierSongs and Voices Workshop

Watering Hole Saloon
Tuesday: Josh Holden
Wednesday: Jon Magill

Dirty's Bar N Que (Seguin)
Tuesday: Tony Taylor & BJ Thibodeaux
Thursday: Bryan Boyce & Steven Roloff

Longhorn Cafe
Saturday: Buddy Boy

Gruene Cricket Pub
Wednesday: 3 Man Front

Triple Crown (San Marcos)
Thursday: Hill Country Gentlemen + Victor Holk
Friday: Robbie and the Robots + Spilt Milk + Sp_aces
Saturday: Johnny Hootrock + BeerGnomes + The Johnny Five + The Sonomatics
Sunday: Open Mic + Robbie and the Robots

Happy Cow
Friday: Mark Jungers 9th Annual Mule Tide Gathering
Saturday: Jordan Minor and Javi Garcia
Sunday: Kim Meeks and her Bad Habits

Wes Nickson - O Holy Night

Wes Nickson wants to spread a little Christmas cheer on you! He is letting us send you an mp3 of his recording of O Holy Night.

Just email #ohholynight to and we'll send you the mp3! We will not sell your email address or add you to any mailing lists, we'll just send you the mp3.

Merry Christmas!

Week of 12/10/2012

Billy's Ice
Monday: Wes Nickson
Tuesday: Daniel Thomas Phipps with Mandi Powell
Wednesday: Kyle Reed Band
Thursday: Scott Helmer
Friday: Jeremiah Houston
Saturday: File 13
Sunday: John Edward Baumann

River Road Ice House
Monday: Empty-Handed Vagabonds
Tuesday: Open mic night!
Wednesday: April Hall Band
Thursday: TBA
Friday: Jackson Parten
Saturday: TBA
Sunday: Kyle Reed Band

Gruene Hall
Monday: Jason Allen
Tuesday: Tom Gillam w/Jess Klein & Randy Weeks
Wednesday: The Georges
Thursday: Closed for private event
Friday: Jerry Jeff Walker
Saturday at 1: Earl Poole Ball w/Casper Rawls
Saturday: Jerry Jeff Walker
Sunday at noon: Ruby Jane Smith
Sunday at 4: Clay McClinton

Tavern in the Gruene
Monday: Court Nance Accident
Tuesday: Roots and Branches of Americana
Tuesday: The Blooms
Thursday: The Captain Legendary Band
Friday: Pitchfork
Saturday: Buster Jiggs

The Phoenix Saloon
Thursday at 5: James Pardo
Friday at 5: Daniel Thomas Phipps
Saturday: Adam Johnson & the Pay Me's CD release
Sunday at 2: Al Barlow and friends
Sunday: True Audio Outland Presents: TBA

Riley's Tavern
Wednesday: Big Red Drum Artist Spotlight: Chris King, Jordan Minor and Tony Taylor
Thursday: Dry River Religion
Friday: Texas Renegade
Saturday: PeeWee Moore

Black Whale Pub
Thursday: The Blues Buzzards
Friday: Tyler Brown
Saturday: 2 Rivers Trio

Cheatham Street Warehouse
Monday: En Route
Tuesday: Will Arrington and Brett Hauser
Tuesday at 4:30: Picker's Circle w/Garrett Snowden
Wednesday: Kent Finlay's Songwriter's Circle
Thursday: Red River Travelling Songwriter Festival [?]
Friday: Halleyanna opening for Slaid Cleaves
Saturday: Uncle Lucius with Ashley Monical
Sunday: Gary Floater's Holiday High Christmas Party

Texas Music Theater
Saturday: Grupo Fantasma!

Sam's Burger Joint
Monday: AC & the Bad Billy's
Thursday: William Clark Green and John David Kent w/ Chad Johnson
Friday: The Krayola's Holiday Show
Saturday: The Mastersons with Jonny Burke
Sunday: At Ease: SoldierSongs benefit

Buffalo Wings & Rings
Wednesday: Steven Roloff

Watering Hole Saloon
Tuesday: Chris Vetter
Wednesday: Empty-Handed Vagabonds

Thank you!

Thank you to Texas Music Theater for letting me give away a set of tickets to Bob Schneider and Whiskey Myers for the show Saturday night.  And thank you to Stewart Mann for letting me give away a set of tickets to his show Buddy at the Cameo Theatre in San Antonio this weekend.  It's things like these that make promoting live music fun, I get to help make people happy through the gift of live music!

I hope to be able to do more things like this in the future, but I could use your help!  Please ask your friends to visit our Facebook page and give us a like and do the "Show in News Feed" trick as well!  This isn't hard work because I enjoy it, but the more people that know about and can benefit from this service the better!  So if you like us, ask your friends to "like" us!

Texas Music Theater
Stewart Mann & the Statesboro Revue
Cameo Theatre
Music of New Braunfels (Facebook)

We're in the TX Citizen!

I'm honored to say that the TX Citizen has picked up my December preview blog and it is running in this week's issue!  Thank you Mikie Farias for taking notice of what I'm trying to do for local, live music and pulling this together.  I've always thought about jumping into the world of writing, and without his urging I might not have.  Also, thanks to Mike Reynolds and Chase Cochran for blindly believing in me based on ONE CD review!

Here is the online version, and be sure to pick up a copy at one of over 600 convenient locations!

Week of 12/3/2012

Gruene Hall:
Monday: Bret Graham
Tuesday: Tom Gillam and friends
Wednesday: Ed Jurdi and Gordi Quist
Thursday: Jordan Minor w/The Hems
Friday: Love Conspiracy & A .45 Tour w/Jason Boland Cody Canada Chris Knight!
Saturday at 1: Ted Russel Kamp
Saturday:  Kevin Fowler (Thom Shepherd opens)
Sunday morning:  Gospel Brunch w/ a Texas Twist Christmas Edition

Sunday at noon:  Bret Graham
Sunday at 4:30:  Shake Russell Trio

Billy’s Ice:
Monday: Third Coast Outlaws
Tuesday:  Kyle Reed and Steven Roloff
Wednesday: Will Owen Gage
Thursday: Brandon Bolin
Friday: Texas Renegade and Jeff Strahan

Sunday: Mario Flores and The Soda Creek Band
River Road Ice House:
Monday: Empty-Handed Vagabonds
Tuesday: Open mic night tonight with host Buddy Boy!
Wednesday: 3 Man Front
Thursday: Court Nance
Friday: Midnight River Choir!
Manzy Lowry Band
Sunday: TBA

Tavern in the Gruene:
Monday: Court Nance and friends
Tuesday: Roots and Branches of Americana with Ray Wylie Hubbard
Tuesday at 9:30:  The Blooms!

Friday 5-7:  Tony Taylor & Claire Cunningham for happy hour!
Friday: 3 Man Front
Saturday:  Lucas Hudgins and the First Cousins

The Phoenix Saloon:
Thursday: The Georges
Friday: Acoustic Happy Hour with Kori and Steve
Saturday: Vallejo + Lucas Taylor & Old Soul
Sunday at 2: Al Barlow and friends

Sunday: True Audio Outland Presents: TBA

Riley’s Tavern:
Tuesday: Manzy Lowry
Wednesday: Tyler Cannon
Thursday: Big John Mills
Friday: Horse Opera

Saturday: John Evans

Happy Cow:
Wednesday: Gary Herman and friends
Friday: Double R Nothin
Saturday: Tony Taylor

Sam’s Burger Joint:
Monday: The Bellfuries
Wednesday: SA Blues Society Jam: The Texas Saints
Thursday: George Ducas with TJ Broscoff
Friday: James McMurtry!
Saturday: Bricks In The Wall: The Sight and Sound of Pink Floyd

Cheatham Street Warehouse:
Monday: Randy Rogers with a surprise guest
Tuesday: First Tuesday Blues Jam with Jeff Strahan
Wednesday: Kent Finlay’s Songwriters Circle
Thursday: All Over But The Crying Fest w/Pawn Shop Gold and MANY others
Friday: Jason Eady Band
Saturday: Adam Johnson Band
Sunday: ChurchUp!

Texas Music Theater:
Thursday: Josh Abbott Band with Curtis Grimes
Saturday: Bob Schneider with Whiskey Myers

Black Whale Pub:
Friday: Tony Taylor and Matthew Briggs

Sertino's Cafe:
Friday: Buddy Boy

Watering Hole Saloon:
Wednesday: Korey and Dana acoustic duo

Longhorn Cafe:
Saturday: Buddy Boy

December in New Braunfels

December brings us shorter days along with longer, cooler nights; and local venues begin to keep overhead doors and window shutters closed in an effort to keep the temperature more comfortable for their patrons and live acts.  By the time December arrives, New Braunfels and Gruene are already fully decorated for the holiday season, and ready for city events like the Christmas Tour of Homes, Christmas Market Days, Wassailfest, Photos with Cowboy Kringle and more.  Another thing you'll find in December is no shortage of  great live music to choose from.

At Gruene Hall, we see the arrival of some December traditions such as Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis, Gospel Brunch Christmas Edition and the 2nd annual Two Ton Tuesday Christmas Show.  Carolyn Wonderland and Guy Forsyth kick off December with their holiday roast, and any other Gruene Hall staples such as Bret Graham, Jason Allen, Ted Russel Camp, Jordan Minor, Tom Gillam, Ed Jurdi and Gordi Quist to name a few will fill the hall with great music.  Some will mix old and new Christmas tunes into their sets while also keeping the energy high to get the blood pumping and the temperature up.  You'll also find acts like Kevin Fowler, Jerry Jeff Walker, Charlie Robison, The Departed, Reckless Kelly, Roger Creager and Casey Donahue Band there during December, and even Stoney LaRue makes a return to New Braunfels for a special New Year's Eve show.

Billy's Ice House will feature many of our fantastic area musicians including Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Texas Renegade, Jeff Strahan, Mario Flores and The Soda Creek Band, Austin Gilliam, Jeremiah Houston, Daniel Thomas Phipps, 3 Man Front, Rob Baird, classic rock band Retro FX and many more.  The Blooms is a band that formed early in 2012 and is made up long time friends and New Braunfels residents Zack Walther, Allan Goodman and Matthew Briggs.  The band had an unexpected break in performing as a 3-piece when Allan was diagnosed with cancer of the appendix over the summer.  A benefit to raise money for Allan's medical bill's and expenses during his break from performing was held at Billy's Ice House in September.  Many amazing people came out and donated money, auction items, performances and their time and the benefit was a huge success!  After 2 surgeries, numerous treatments and a short break, The Blooms is back together and will be playing Billy's Ice House's New Year's Eve party!

River Road Ice House changed hands this year, and with that new ownership came more days open, finally the addition of a credit card machine and a much fuller live music schedule.  Cody Canada even brought The Departed to River Road Ice House for a CD release in November after a very long hiatus since Cross Canadian Ragweed's last visit there in 2009.  You'll see a RRIH debut of The Blooms, as well as sets from Foxmoor Express, Empty-Handed Vagabonds, 3 Man Front, Midnight River Choir, Jackson Parten, Mario Flores and The Soda Creek Band, Poor J Brown, The Damn Quails and more.  The Kyle Reed Band will be playing the New Year's Eve party and they never disappoint.

Other venues will have jam-packed lineups as well as big New Year's Eve shows, including Midnight River Choir at Tavern in the Gruene, Ray Wylie Hubbard and Uncle Lucius at Texas Music Theater, Javi Garcia at The Phoenix Saloon, The Beaumonts at Riley's Tavern and more.  The Brauntex Theater will have another in their "Greatest Hits Live" tribute series featuring The Coconuts of Wrath performing the hits of Jimmy Buffett on December 27th.

Check Music of New Braunfels often to see when your favorite bands are playing.  We'll continue to keep the most complete and up to date schedule around.

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