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New music video from SHINYRIBS!

After playing his last show with The Gourds in 2011 to focus on his Shinyribs project, Kevin Russell was doing his thing in smaller bars with a very small band and blowing minds with his unique, original tunes and his VERY unique take on popular songs of numerous genres. In what seemed like a very short period of time he was selling out these shows and he moved on to larger venues with typically himself plus an 8-piece band. He SOLD OUT his CD release show for his new album "I Got Your Medicine" at Gruene Hall this past weekend and he is VERY much in high demand in and beyond our Texas music scene!

Here's a new music video for his single "Trouble, Trouble" from "I Got Your Medicine"!

Here's a little something I threw together to promote the sold out show at Gruene Hall with Jomo and The Possum Posse opening...

Prophets and Outlaws Perform for Dallas Cowboys

Prophets and Outlaws will be at River Road Ice House on Friday, March 10!

Nashville, TN (March 1, 2017)-It was not a typical Saturday night for Prophets & Outlaws who would normally have been on a faraway Texas venue stage performing for their diehard fans.  Instead, they were honored to be at Gilley’s performing their rendition of the Willie Nelson classic “Our Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys” during the in memoriam presentation at the star-studded Dallas Cowboys 25-year reunion for the 1992 championship team.  This was a private charity event spearheaded by quarterback Troy Aikman with proceeds going to The United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. The event was attended not only by the 1992 team, but by members of the 1993 and 1995 teams as well.  The Dallas-based band also performed an hour long original set before the ceremony commenced, and the entire experience will definitely go down as an all-star career highlight.  Catch the performance video on their Twitter page here.

“People can't imagine how literally perfectly the song ‘My Hero's Have Always Been Cowboys’ sums up how I felt about the early 90's football teams. Those players were my ‘high ridin' heroes’ and still are in a lot of ways.  I was honored to help pay tribute to their long lost coaches and teammates. Hopefully they won't forget that moment just like I won't forget so many moments they gave me.”  -Matt Boggs/lead singer of PAO

PAO is no stranger to the local sports realm having had their songs played regularly at the Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers homes games.  You might have also heard their songs playing in the background during locker room interviews.  Their broad musical tastes, cultivated over a decade, continue to generate a huge buzz among industry folks, peers and music fans. Their latest EP "V" was released last year debuting at #21 on the iTunes R&B/Soul chart and on the country side,landed TWO music spots on the hit television drama "Nashville" within one month's time.  They have performed at other prestigious events including Larry Joe Taylor Music Fest and Music Fest in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Check tour dates here.

"If you think you like these guys on the radio wait till you see em‘ live. These cats do it like they mean it"  -Larry Joe Taylor

"Matt's a great singer and these guys mix genuine country music with a sultry harmony of soul that fits perfectly in the groove of their band for an awesome sound."  -Curtis Grimes

“Led by Matt Boggs’ truly striking voice — it’s a true showstopper, rich and full and a little reminiscent of another soulful Texas star, Josh Weathers — Prophets and Outlaws breezily moves between Muscle Shoals and the Broken Spoke without breaking a sweat. You can hear the results of the band’s relentless road schedule in the crisp performances and feel the determination in every syllable.”  -Ft. Worth Star Telegram

“The five-song collection is a shining example of why the band is one of the brightest emerging on the Texas scene (or elsewhere for that matter).  Groovy, soulful and utterly unique.”  -The Daily Country

“The Dallas based band has taken up a notch and created a dynamic set of songs.  The guitar/drum ratio is perfect, just the right amount of cymbals, giving that vibe that screams blues in every sense of the word.”  -BluesRockReview

Their 2016 EP "V" on Apple Music
TICKETS for March 10th River Road Ice House show

Sam Riggs' "Second Hand Smoke" is Refreshing

Nashville, TN (Tuesday, February 28, 2017)-It’s been an incredible, and at times, overwhelming few years for Austin-based artist Sam Riggs since he burst onto the indie music scene in 2013 with a powerful debut album that quickly marked him as a brilliant new talent whose break into real stardom was a foregone conclusion.  His latest studio album aptly titled “Breathless,” the first to be released on his own label (Deep Creek Records) in 2016, has kicked Riggs’ steady career stride into a cross-country sprint that has left him lightheaded and gasping for breath, but he ain’t about to quit.  Last week he proudly released his brand new single “Second Hand Smoke,” a highly addictive love song that captured the attention of Rolling Stone Country who featured the young artist and showcased the acoustic video performance of the song.

"After writing ‘Second Hand Smoke’ with Matt Nolan, I was slightly spooked by how closely the song resembles me as a person. I have an addictive personality, and it pegs me 100%. Playing the song in front of a crowd for the first time showed me that so many other people relate to it as well, and in a very deep way... it's become an anthem of sorts- the anthem of the imperfect and afflicted. I've never seen a song take on a life of its own as much as this one has, and I couldn't be more excited to finally have it at radio. It's one of my favorite songs from the album, and it will always be one of my favorites to play on stage every night." - Sam Riggs

“Second Hand Smoke” marks the album’s third single release, and it definitely won’t be the last.  The unanimous acclaim surrounding this album was palpable right from jump, and almost a year later has not slowed down, proving there is still plenty of life coursing through this body of work.   The six-foot plus red headed troubadour is no longer one of the best kept secrets in Texas.  To date, he has garnered 7.6 million total streams on Spotify, over 2 million views on YouTube, over 30,000 Facebook followers, 13,000 Twitter followers and 21,000 Instagram followers.

“A painfully beautiful love song…much like the essence of a live show that’s left it’s aroma on your clothes.” –Brad Heitman (Operations Manager KORQ & KABW)

“Sam Riggs' new single ‘Second Hand Smoke’ shows off his ability to write great lyrics that everyone can relate to. By the end of the song, the one that got away will be all you can think of. This song is a hit.” -Craig Vaughn (Program Director KPUR, Cumulus)

“Long before this song made the record, Sam was kind enough to play it for me.  I told him I hoped that he would cut it as I thought it was a certifiable #1. This is the kind of song that will satisfy hard core fans and open the ears of new fans seeking solid, original country music.”  -Justin Frazell (Program Director KFWR “The Ranch”)

“Breathless” made its first huge imprint in the industry landing a #3 debut spot on the iTunes Country chart following close on the heels of Chris Stapleton and Sam Hunt. It ranked at #22 on the iTunes All Genre chart and #12 on the Billboard Country Album chart. The album’s first single “The Lucky Ones” has drawn over 900,000 stream son Spotify followed by the second single “High On A Country Song” that settled in at #6 on the Texas Country Chart.  He has been featured twice on the nationally syndicated TV show “Texas Music Scene TV ” with 9-time Grammy winning host Ray Benson, had a #1 hit music video on CMT Pure, landed a music spot on the hit TV drama "Nashville" and has performed on some of the region’s most prestigious stages including Music Fest in Steamboat Springs and Larry Joe Taylor’s Fest, where he has become a regular.  All this while still maintaining a tour schedule that boasts over 150 dates a year.  Looks like Sam won’t be coming up for air anytime soon.

"The extremely listenable project (Breathless) seems the perfect vehicle to slingshot the young artist to mainstream success." -Country Weekly Magazine

“Here’s a special heads up for the producers of television’s ‘Nashville.”  Hire this fellow Sam Riggs as one of your songwriters.  Luke, Rayna, Deacon and the Exes could all benefit from his abilities. ”  -No Depression

"Breathless" on Apple Music

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