3rd Annual Blowin' Off Steamboat Music Festival

Presented by Hippy Gypsy Boutique:

We are pleased to announce the performers for the 2015 Blowin' Off Steamboat Music Festival (presented by Hippy Gypsy) that is just a month away on January 17th at Freiheit Country Store!  Your friends at Music of NB and the TX Citizen have been working hard to make this 3rd annual event the best one ever, and if you'll check the Facebook page you can see information about the exciting news about Callen's Castle, the beneficiary of this year's event.

See full band shows from Devil's Hollow, Poor J Brown, Smoke Wagon, Dave Jorgenson Band, Carol Cochran and 2-Way Street and Nick Rogers Band as well as solo performances from Gerald Burns, Buddy Vargas, RC Sanders, Scott Morgan, Caleb Boles, Manzy Lowry, JJ Villareal, Doug Garrett, Zach Nytomt, Ashley Monical, Bo Brumble, Daniel Thomas Phipps, Ryan Ready, Alli Mattice, Dennis Jay, Kori Free and MORE!

Blowin' Off Steamboat (Facebook)
Music of New Braunfels (Facebook)
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Freiheit Country Store


Bracken Store Cafe

Photo from BSC on Facebook
There's a cool, old building that was built next to a 9-pin bowling alley during the 1930's in Bracken, TX. Originally a beer joint, Bracken Store Cafe has been operated by Linda Waggoner in this same building since the late 80's, and they served truly one of the best burgers I've ever eaten. In fact during one visit there I had what they called their "bean and frito burger" which in fact was featured in Texas Monthly's "Top 50 Greatest Hamburgers in Texas" in 2009. Apparently Linda Waggoner and her landlord Bill Wetz were unable to agree upon a mutually beneficial lease agreement, so as of 3pm on December 13, 2014 the store ceased operations in this location. I sincerely hope Linda is able to find a new location, but it's a shame it will no longer be at 18415 Bracken Drive. Below are few things I found online about the store, and if they do re-open I will be sure to mention it here even though this isn't music related.

Photos (from Bracken Store Cafe on Facebook):

Homepage of brackenstore.com:


Bracken Store Cafe on Facebook
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