Prophets and Outlaws

Nashville, TN-(October 21, 2015)-The best known music artists that come out of Texas wave a very particular kind of flag. It's much less a vanity plate and more of an honorary badge that symbolizes a very difficult trek down the independent highway and an abiding connection made with the masses. Storytelling is a fine art that has not been lost on Texas music fans, and although the newer generations are the celebrated warriors keeping those fans well fed, the legends of country music remain sultans of the clan. Dallas-based Prophets and Outlaws attest to this fact on their newly released single "Country Music Gold" off their latest EP "Texas Home."

The single is essentially a pledge of allegiance as the towering voice of lead singer Matt Boggs pleads with the radio DJ to free him from the nutrient deficient diet of today's pop country. The sentiment of the song is befittingly illustrated in the line, "Bro country don't know country and I think it might be best Mr. DJ if you'd save us a little bit of trouble and spin my one request." The most remarkable characteristic of the song is the actual sound of it, a contemporary, bluesy number that is symptomatic of the band's signature sound deemed "Texas soul" by critics and their peers. Their independence from the country sound has not in the least denied them love and praise at country radio. In fact, they are a particular favorite that have been instrumental in helping radio expand their playlists, have produced three Top 20 singles on the Texas Music Chart, and whose success demonstrates perfectly how Texas music truly has no barriers.

The band will start recording their new 5-song EP later this month with producer Jason Burt behind the board, the very same man who produced their new and current single. The EP is slated for release in early 2016. Between studio time and live performances, they are also making plans to shoot their very first music video for "Country Music Gold" in November. And this just in, their song "Mexico Tonight" sonically appeared on last night's episode of the ABC hit drama "Nashville."

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