New Single from Cory Morrow

Noted Texas country music singer and songwriter Cory Morrow is releasing a new single, Winning Hand, from his 2015 album The Good Fight this week. Written in collaboration with folk and country musician Owen Temple and composer-producer Brian Keane, Morrow describes Winning Hand as a celebration of realizing that living life in faith means one can "throw all of your cards on the table knowing that you’ve already won.

"I asked [Temple and Keane] if we could write a song that was uplifting and also celebratory of a relationship that felt like you’d won the lottery -- one that was a constant winner," explains Morrow. "For me it reflects the only relationship that always wins and it truly reflects the result of fighting the good fight every day. It also embraces the idea that there’s no shame in the fall. It’s what we learn from it and how we’re able to get back on our feet."

Perhaps best known for his 2002 award-winning album Outside the Lines, which peaked at #28 on Billboard’s Country Album chart, the Houston native shot to #7 among SoundScan’s Country debut artists at age 30. That hard-fought success took a tumble after a brush with the law in 2005, and in subsequent years Morrow focused on his spiritual journey rather than a recording career.

That journey, said Morrow, is reflected in The Winning Hand and other singles that make up The Good Fight, which he produced with the help of Lloyd Maines.

"There’s always been a thread of spirituality in everything I’ve done," Morrow says. "But I had always been searching for something more.

"That’s what we mean when we walk in a life that inspires us to fight the good fight."

More clips from The Good Fight and Morrow’s tour schedule can be found at

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