Event: Food Trucks for Freedom Festival

If you haven't driven through the streets of Austin or other big cities lately, you may have missed the fact that more and more food trucks are popping up all over the place. I've often seen food trucks at local events helping to feed the hungry crowds. If you visit local music venues such as The PourHaus, River Road Ice House, Max's Roadhouse and many others, you'll often see food trucks on hand to offer up tacos, burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, or maybe even some fairly exotic menu items. I've even seen non-mobile spots such as Dirty's Bar N Que pop up around town to offer up tasty mobile nourishment at events.

A group of veterans that are involved in the food and food truck industries have put together this one-day event to help raise money that will help fund an initiative to educate and help launch veterans into new business ventures in the food truck industry.

“Our mission is to empower veterans to reconnect and transition to civilian life by partnering with, and mentoring them to become successful entrepreneurs in the mobile food and/or franchise industry.”

On Saturday, November 16, come to Rockin' R in Gruene and enjoy the great food, live music, bounce houses and other activities for kids of all ages and more!

Live music line-up includes:
Charlie Robison
Mario Flores and the Soda Creek Band
Hogg Maulies
Wes Nickson
Jennifer Sullivan
special appearance by Brad "Grill Sergeant" Turner

Visit their website for more information:

Food Trucks For Freedom Inc. is a Non-Profit organization founded by veterans with the vision and passion of empowering other veterans to succeed as entrepreneurs. One of the biggest challenges that veterans ’ face upon separation from the military, is what to do for the next phase of their lives. We were in the exact same situation at one point in our lives as well, so we can relate to all of the anxious feelings that vets have when they re-enter the civilian world.

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