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Honky tonk troubadours, Saints Eleven, are riding the high waves of acclaim from their new album “Coming Back Around.” Produced by the iconic Walt Wilkins, the album quickly incited media applause with rave reviews across the nation calling it a riveting collection of profound musical bliss. The band’s brand new music video “Coming Back Around” is the next chronicle in an already impressive video library., one of the top sources on the latest country music news, and the outlet that gave a special premiere of the song before the album’s release, recently caught wind of the epic new video and premiered it on Monday, April 24th. Fans will also have a chance to win a vinyl 3-pack via’s social pages.

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“Coming Back Around” is the album’s first single release and the song that sets the definitive tone of the album. The entire collection symbolizes Jeff Grossman’s full circle journey in life, mistakes made, pain digested and resolve to wear those scars like a shiny new tattoo. The matrix-esq video was shot at Tellers Bar in Austin, Texas, and was produced by Van Scott Folger whose work with Uncle Lucius sold Grossman on the idea.

"This is one of my favorite songs on the new record. It's about making dumb decisions in life and learning from those mistakes. Yes, I know I screwed up, but give me a minute, I'll come back around. I had been talking to Van Folger, out of Austin, Texas, for a couple of months. Van had shot the video "Keep The Wolves Away" by Uncle Lucius, which is why I reached out to him. I thought that video was incredible. Then I received the script that the director Shrader Thomas wrote, and I was in. I thought it was brilliant! From the first ten minutes of being on the set the day of the shoot, I knew it was going to be a cool video."

Saints Eleven’s live show reputation has definitely moved them to the forefront of the music scene attracting music fans from all walks of life, and music business veterans as well. In fact, it was at a recent festival that music manager Bobby Turner caught the band’s set and struck up a conversation with them about working together. Turner started out in the entertainment business managing nightclubs and venues in Texas. In 1997 he became manager and booking agent for Cooder Graw, one of the pioneers of the modern Texas music scene. He was responsible for booking the band into venues throughout Texas and has been associated with them for 20 years. While getting back with the band to book their reunion tour, Turner noticed the obvious need for indie artist management, someone to take over the gears when demand becomes overwhelming for the artist. It’s that situation that inspired the company name, Shifting Gears Entertainment, and Saints Eleven is a proud new addition to the family. Turner’s instinct to sign the band was immediate and he is pumped about their new partnership.

“I grew up with Walt Wilkins, so knowing he believed enough in the band to produce their latest album was almost all I needed to know. I believe we were all on the same page after we met and really felt like we would work well together creating a true partnership in taking this to the next level. These guys have all the elements in place to hit the ground running, so it makes perfect sense for us to come together at this point in time.”

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