New music video from Jesse Stratton Band

(from Jesse Stratton's Facebook page)

We are proud to present the music video for "1981"! I wrote this song about the property I grew up on - a peaceful 4 acres of land at the end of a dirt road, with a beautiful view of the Texas Hill Country in the backyard. Wherever you grew up, hopefully you can relate to this song; it reaches out to sunny childhood memories of that place in time that I believe we all come to miss, that place called "home".

We hope you enjoy this video, and we would be very grateful if you would take a moment to share it after you watch it! As always, we truly appreciate your support. We love making music, so thank you for listening!

Thank you to Twin Sisters Dance Hall for allowing us to film portions of this video in their historic dancehall! Also, thank you to everyone who came to Twin Sisters and danced while we filmed! And finally, thank you to our sponsors, Dripping Springs Vodka and Gin and Hill Country Truck Store and Firearms!

Video credits:
Produced by Evan Manning.
Filmed by Evan Manning and Rickey White.
Additional filming by John Ohlinger and Jesse's parents, Gary and Jody Stratton.

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