Longshot Winery's 2016 Wurstweek Schedule

You should stop in and check out Longshot Winery's selection of premium wines, made from grapes grown right here in Texas soil up in Brownfield which is southwest of Lubbock. Their belief is "if you can’t make the best wine possible, then it’s not worth drinking". Longshot has set up a wine tasting room on a newly renovated 18th century location in the heart of New Braunfels just across the street from Wurstfest and The Landmark on the south end of beautiful and historic Landa Park.

Longshot has not only a great selections of wines that you can take home or enjoy at their location, but they also offer great food and live music!

Here is their Wurstweek Music Schedule:
Friday, Nov 4
Bob Schmueckle & Derek Krueger at 8:30
Saturday, Nov 5
Tony Taylor at 9:30
Sunday, Nov 6
Steel Betty at 8:30
Monday, Nov 7
Bryan Kruchkenberg at 7:30
Tuesday, Nov 8
Tyler Derryberry at 8:30
Wednesday, Nov 9
Luke LaGrange at 8:30
Thursday, Nov 10
The Vagabonds at 8:30
Friday, Nov 11
Bob Schmueckle & Paul Eldridge at 8:30
Saturday, Nov 12
The Vagabonds at 9:30

Longshot Wine Bar
133 Landa Street, New Braunfels, TX 78130

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