RIP Allan Goodman

photo by Mikie Farias
Very sad to report Allan Goodman is no longer with us. He fought a 2 year battle against cancer and in the end I'm pretty sure he gave cancer the finger as he pushed away from his hospital bed. He was surrounded by good friends at the end, and had many more good friends all over this country who loved his kind heart, his sweet wife Ashley, and his music.

My love of music and songwriting reached critical mass in 2010 and I started trying to find time to make it by to see some of the folks that played locally on a regular basis. I heard ads on KNBT with Wes Nickson and Allan talking about their gigs at Billy's Ice together, they were typically a little silly, but I could tell the two had a good friendship. I already knew Wes, and I knew if these two played gigs together Allan must be pretty talented as well. Before I was able to catch a Billy's gig, their run together ended, but I saw Allan play a happy hour gig at Tavern in the Gruene at one point and knew immediately that not only was he a very talented songwriter, but he was also a heck of a nice guy. In February of 2012 Zack, Allan and Matthew launched The Blooms on Roots and Branches of Americana, and they started doing a weekly Tuesday night gig. They played nearly every Tuesday night through the summer, with stops along the way like the 16th Annual KNBT American Music Jam in May, and other locations when they could such as Shiner, Houston, McKinney and others, and in July they made a return to Roots and Branches of Americana, on July 17th, and if I have my information correct (from an interview with Allan in August 2012) Allan did this Roots and Branches appearance one day after his appendix ruptured. Allan had surgery the next day to "clean up the mess" his ruptured appendix left behind. At the time he found out some bad news. I'll give you his words instead of mine.
"On July 16th, my appendix ruptured. On July 18th, I had to surgery to remove the appendix and clean up the mess it had left in my abdominal area. Now, fairy routine ordeal, the kicker is that a cancerous tumor was infused into the appendix. It's a very rare cancer called "adenocarcinoma", roughly 1000 people in the US get it per year."

Now as the case would have it, The Blooms still kept a fairly busy schedule with Allan making it for many of these appearances, but it soon became evident that often Zack and Matt would have to do shows without Allan from time to time. However, Allan still continued to do as many shows with The Blooms as he could all the way through the following summer. They even did a New Years Eve show at Billy's Ice.

So meanwhile, Allan married the love of his life Ashley Dement on November 3, 2012, played some Blooms shows, played bass regularly for Adam Hood, played lead guitar, drums, bass or whatever people needed almost whenever people needed it. It was a tiring schedule, but it was Allan's normal. In November of 2013 things changed. Allan and Ashley packed up their belongings, and moved to a small community outside Nashville. Ashley got a local job and Allan mostly looked for a new normal while trying to take care of his health. He had his ups and downs over the next few months, but he and Ashley enjoyed each other and their dogs, explored Nashville, took in some great shows from time to time, and mostly just lived life and loved each other. I saw Allan when he came to town in late February 2014 and played several gigs, including a couple of Tavern happy hours, one of which I was lucky enough to attend. This was the last time I saw Allan. His health continued to be sketchy, he had his ups and downs, but he always seemed at least on the surface to ALWAYS have a good attitude and he always had a smile and a hug for his friends. Allan passed away at around 2:30am surrounded by family and friends in a hospital bed in Tennessee. Allan may be gone, but he has left behind such a legacy of kindness and friendship that he will never be gone or forgotten.

Here is that Tavern happy hour video from February 28th, 2014. There are many more videos that include Allan at the link below the video. Rest in peace Allan, you WILL be missed!

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