Wylieisms: The Guy and Townes Story

This was plucked from the Facebook garden of goodness posted by Ray Wylie Hubbard... I love all of it, you get an occasional excerpt here:

i thought i told the guy and townes story..anyhow if you missed it here it is again.. i went to see guy and townes at the 3 tear drops tavern in dallas do a song swap..place was packed. i was standing at the bar and and didn't even know they knew i was there. they got on stage and had played about 45 minutes when townes said ''hey, there's ray wylie hubbard at the bar..lets get him up to do a song.'' i walked up to the stage to a smattering of applause, townes handed me his guitar and he and guy walked off stage. i forgot what i played but was about half way through it, maybe 2 minutes or so when i look up and the front door of the club swings open and i see guy and townes get into a cab. i finished the song and i think i said, ''there's gonna be a short break here for a while..guy and townes just left in a cab..i'm pretty sure they'll be back.'' the audience just laughed and kind of whooped and applauded and about a half an hour later guy and townes walked in, got on stage and played a couple of hours.. poets are like that.
i consider guy and townes and billy joe the high holy and sacred songwriting trinity.. and if you were to cut their words..they would bleed. hey i got a bunch of other stuff to lay on you this week.
yours truly,

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