Week of 12/16/2013

• Billy's Ice: TBA
• River Road Ice House: Eric Middleton and Anthony Mustaca
• Gruene Hall: Bret Graham
• Tavern in the Gruene: Court Nance Accident
• The PourHaus: Michael Kelton
• Riley's Tavern: Songwriter showcase w/John Whipple
• Cheatham Street Warehouse:
--- SoldierSongs and Voices Workshop w/Dustin Welch at 5
--- Luie III, Kyle-Matthew Taylor, Paul Nipper and Manzy Lowry
• Triple Crown: Ripe Honey at 6
• Sam's Burger Joint: The Blind Cats
• Barriba Cantina: Brian Duarte

• Billy's Ice: Emily Herring
• River Road Ice House: JAM NIGHT
• Gruene Hall: 3rd Annual TWO TON Tuesday Christmas Show!
• Tavern in the Gruene:
--- 7 - KNBT Roots and Branches of Americana w/Ray Wylie Hubbard
--- 9:30 - Zack Walther and Matthew Briggs
• The PourHaus: Open mic w/Jon Magill
• Watering Hole Saloon: Josh Holden
• Los Cucos: Alli Mattice Band at 6
• Jack's Roadhouse: open mic w/JJ Garrett Band
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Blue Water Hwy + Pawn Shop Gold
• Triple Crown: Beth Lee at 6
• Barriba Cantina: Elijah Zane and the Experience

• Billy's Ice: Anthony Mustaca
• River Road Ice House: TBA
• Gruene Hall: The Mavericks w/Jamie Wilson
• The Phoenix Saloon: The Groove Hounds
• The PourHaus: Band of Bandits
• Watering Hole Saloon: Jon Magill
• Buffalo Wings & Rings: Steven Roloff and friends
• Riley's Tavern: Michael Fletcher
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Kent Finlay's songwriter circle
• Triple Crown: Manzy Lowry at 6
• Sam's Burger Joint: Johnny Chops w/Buster Jiggs
• Barriba Cantina: Adam Johnson Band

• Billy's Ice: Moonlight Social
• River Road Ice House: Anthony Mustaca
• Gruene Hall: The Mavericks w/Jamie Wilson
• Tavern in the Gruene: Scott Wiggins Trio
• The Phoenix Saloon: Happy hour w/Adam Johnson
• The PourHaus: 1yr Anniversary Party: Geoff Hill from Randy Rogers Band
• Oma Gruene's Secret Garten: Jam night
• Sertinos Cafe: Open mic w/Buddy Boy
• Adobe Verde: Garrett Heinrichs
• New Braunfels Coffee: Open mic w/Richard Sanders
• Moose's Food Court: Jam night
• Riley's Tavern: Big Red Drum Artist Spotlight
• Jack's Roadhouse: Uncle Daddy
• Lone Star Music: Hill Country Gentlemen at 7
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Garrett Snowden and friends
• Triple Crown: Nate Guthrie at 6
• Sam's Burger Joint: Walt Wilkins, Susan Gibson, Kelley Mickwee, Drew Kennedy, Josh Grider and Brandy Zdan
• Barriba Cantina: Will Owen Gage

• Billy's Ice: Brian Keane w/B.J. Thibodeaux
• River Road Ice House: Folk Family Revival w/Aaron Stephens
• Gruene Hall: The Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison Holiday Shindig w/Warren Hood Band
• Tavern in the Gruene: Kurt Grein
• The Phoenix Saloon:
--- Happy hour w/Broseph
--- Roxy Roca
• The PourHaus: Adam Johnson Band
• Herbert's: Buddy Boy
• Oma Gruene's Secret Garten: Ty Gavin and his Pros and Cons
• Adobe Verde: Jonathan Garcia
• Vino en Verde: KennCentric
• Los Cucos: Alli Mattice Band at 7
• Riley's Tavern: Tejas Brothers
• Jack's Roadhouse: Manzy Lowry Band
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Foscoe Jones & The Distractions w/Charlie Stout and Benton Leachman
• Triple Crown: The Bottom Feeders at 6 then Lonesome Heroes + Chuck Fleming + Victor Holk
• Sam's Burger Joint: Zack Walther and the Awe Hells + Tom Gillam
• Floore Country Store: Stoney LaRue and Cody Canada
• Barriba Cantina:
--- Coolcat Charlie at 5
--- Smokehouse Guitar Army at 9

• NB Farmer's Market: Scheffler and White
• Billy's Ice: Court Nance
• River Road Ice House:
--- Christmas Party for the Malones at 5
--- Aaron Stephens
• Gruene Hall:
--- Kelley Mickwee, Drew Kennedy, Brandy Zdan and Josh Grider at 1
--- Reckless Kelly w/George Devore
• Tavern in the Gruene: Whiskey Rodeo
• The Phoenix Saloon: Mario Flores & The Soda Creek Band
• The PourHaus: The Groover Hounds
• Oma Gruene's Secret Garten:
--- Cool Cat Charlie at 1
--- MC & The Mystyx at 6
• Adobe Verde: Bru Erdman
• Black Whale Pub:
• Vino en Verde: Yesenia w/David Russell
• Riley's Tavern: Sam Bentley Band
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Christmas Party w/TX Renegade
• Triple Crown: Those Nights + Gary Newcomb Trio + Salt Water Shoes
• Shiner's Saloon (AusTX): JJ Garrett Band
• Rattlesnake Inn (Florence): Ghosts of Dixie
• Sam's Burger Joint: Uncle Lucius w/Johnny Chops
• Barriba Cantina: Graham Warwick
• Floore's Country Store: Aaron Watson w/Bri Bagwell

• Billy's Ice: Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
• River Road Ice House: FINAL 2013 Rooftop Ramble w/Jonny Burke and guest Mike Harmeier of Mike and the Moonpies
• Gruene Hall:
--- Tish Hinojosa at noon
--- Jeff Strahan Band at 4
• The Phoenix Saloon:
--- Sunday Afternoon Live w/The Hillbilly Jug Band
--- True Audio Outland Presents: TBA
• The PourHaus: Brian Pounds
• Oma Gruene's Secret Garten: Jumbofunk at 2
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: TBA
• Sam's Burger Joint: Carolyn Wonderland and Guy Forsyth Holiday Show
• Barriba Cantina:
--- Jacinto y Ray y Joaquin at 3
--- Step Aside Blues Band at 7

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