Ray Wylie Hubbard - The Disclaimers

This is from Ray's twitter feed @raywylie and I thought it was high time I added more of his bits of wisdom.

#1: i am not responsible for any songs written by those i showed how to make an E chord without the 3rd or a fingerpicking pattern
#2: i did not authorize any of those photographs taken where i look goofy
#3: i am not kin to l. ron hubbard; any hubbards in professional wrestling, running guns, faith healing or doing time..well, sure
#4: don't blame me for all this 'redneck' hoopla. 40 years ago i was a hippie..it was meant sarcastically
#5: i never actually sold my soul to the devil..i did lease it to him when i was in my twenties for a while..
If there are more, I'll add them!

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