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So the first thing I remembered this morning after I woke up was it was the day Kellie Pickler jumped BACK over to the right side of the shark. She cut one of my favorite all-time Walt Wilkins tunes "Somewhere Somewhere Tonight" and released it today as a single. I've never been a HUGE Kellie Pickler fan, although the season of American Idol she was on was probably the last season we watched all the way through to the finale. I have to say this is BY FAR her best work to date and a great sign she is moving in the right direction! I didn't go verify this, but it sounds to me when the song first starts to be Walt Wilkins' Gibson Americana stroking out the familiar rhythm guitar part, and it also appears to be Wilkins providing harmony vocals during the song, or an amazing impersonator! Previous recordings of this song include (but are not limited to) Kenny Rogers' 2006 Water & Bridges album, Pam Tillis' 2007 album Rhinestoned, and Walt Wilkins 2007 album Mustang Island. I highly recommend buying both the new release by Kellie Pickler; and the original from Wilkins should be in the music collection of any self-respecting music lover. Scratch that, make sure you own the entire Mustang Island album!

Also on the new release front, Allan Goodman is fresh of his latest round of chemo and doing quite well considering he is a stage 4 cancer survivor. Allan released his new single "All The World" today, and Allan continues to serve up great delivery of his own songwriting and even played guitar, bass and drums on this track. Jessica Walker graced this one with her beautiful harmony vocals and Ross Smith added a touch of keys.

Someone Somewhere Tonight by Kellie Pickler
Someone Somewhere Tonight by Walt Wilkins
All The World by Allan Goodman

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