Week of 3/4/2013

Billy's Ice
Monday: Wes Nickson
Tuesday: Kyle Reed
Wednesday: Chris King
Thursday: The Possum Posse
Friday: Wes Nickson
Saturday: LC Rocks
Sunday: Mark McKinney

River Road Ice House
Monday: Empty-Handed Vagabonds
Tuesday: Open bar jam
Wednesday: True Audio Outland
Thursday: July
Friday: Matt Begley & Bitter Whiskey
Saturday: David Grace
Sunday: Andy Evans & The Brotherhood

Gruene Hall
Monday: Bret Graham
Tuesday: Tom Gillam & Shelley King
Wednesday: Jordan Minor Band
Thursday: Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros
Friday: Bart Crow
Saturday: Statesboro Revue at 1 then Jeff Straham opens for The Texas Tornados
Sunday: Gospel Brunch (sold out) + Bret Graham + The Whiskey Sisters

Tavern in the Gruene
Monday: Tony Taylor and friends
Tuesday: Roots and Branches of Americana from 7-9 with guest Chris King, Buster Jiggs and Folk Family Revival then The Blooms at 9:30
Thursday: Scott Wiggins
Friday: Happy hour with Tony & Claire then Tanner Louis & The Aviators
Saturday: Buster Jiggs

The Phoenix Saloon
Thursday: Happy hour with Lucas Taylor
Friday: Happy hour with Daniel Thomas Phipps then Indivine
Saturday: Scott H. Biram + The Beaumonts
Sunday: Al Barlow and friends at 2 then True Audio Outland Presents: Jason Marbach

The PourHaus
Tuesday: Open mic w/Jon Magill
Wednesday: Band of Bandits (acoustic)
Thursday: Steven Vee & Kori Free
Friday: Paul Eldridge + JC Alvarez & Bobby Garza
Saturday: The Guadalupe Pirates
Sunday: Larry Martin Sweeney (6-9)

The Brauntex Theater
Thursday: Jason Eady tribute to Merle Haggard!

Oma Gruene's Secret Garten
Monday: Slim Bawb at 2
Thursday: Jam night with Scott Boddacker
Friday: MC & The Mystyx
Saturday: Lesti Huff at 1 and Pepper's Blues at 6
Sunday: The Blues Bucks at 2

Vino En Verde
Thursday: Ryan Waguespack
Friday: Jon Magill
Saturday: Isis The Voice

The Grapevine
Saturday: Bo Porter at 3

Buffalo Wings & Rings
Wednesday: Steven Roloff

Los Cucos
Tuesday: Alli Mattice Band
Friday: Alli Mattice Band

Dirty's Bar N Que
Thursday: Steven Roloff and friends
Friday: Randy Sosa and friends
Saturday: Blues Burners

Riley's Tavern
Monday: Songwriter's Showcase with John Whipple
Tuesday: Manzy Lowry
Wednesday: Tyler Cannon
Thursday: TBA
Friday: Hot Texas Swing Band
Saturday: Roy Heinrich & The Pickups

Thursday: Billy Joe Shaver and Ray Wylie Hubbard with lots o' guests!

Lone Star Music (in-store)
Tuesday: American Aquarium
Wednesday: Gurf Morlix
Thursday: Shellee Coley

Cheatham Street Warehouse
Monday: Jeff Strahan hosts Monday night blues jam!
Tuesday: Pawn Shop Gold + American Aquarium
Wednesday: Kent Finlay's Songwriter Circle
Thursday: Brett Hauser and Will Arrington
Friday: Adam Johnson & The Paymes
Saturday: The Fossils

Texas Music Theater
Saturday: Son of a Sailor - Jimmy Buffett Tribute

Triple Crown
Monday: Gerry's Kids at 6 then Chief & The Doomsday Device
Tuesday: Ben Schane at 6 then Dan Holmes Group + The Sniffs
Wednesday: Aaron Stephens at 6 then Somewhere in Between Sunrise & Ammunition and more!
Thursday: Ike Eichenberg at 6 then Buzz n Bangs + Lion & The Giraffe and more!
Friday: The Bottom Feeders at 6 then CollinGee + DDot Elles and more!
Saturday: Eats by Eats Fest with Unsurpassed Profit Promise + Nosaprise Fambly and more!

Tejas Rodeo
Saturday: Jeremy Steding

Sam's Burger Joint
Monday: The Marshall Ford Swing Band
Wednesday: Big E's Blues Blast
Thursday: Ian Moore & The Lossy Coils with Baskery
Friday: Mingo Fishtrap with Josh Weathers
Saturday: Wheeler Brothers CD release with Wild Child
Sunday: SoldierSongs & Voices Workshop

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