Week of 2/18/2013

Billy's Ice
Monday: Austin English and the Resurrection
Tuesday: John Edward Baumann
Wednesday: Jul and the Chrome Wheels Band
Thursday: Roadside Libby
Friday: Dean Seltzer
Saturday: Cameran Nelson
Sunday: Jonathan Garcia

River Road Ice House
Monday: Empty-Handed Vagabonds
Tuesday: Open mic night
Wednesday: Empty-Handed Vagabonds
Thursday: Joe Teichman
Friday: LC ROCKS
Saturday: Andy Evans & The Brotherhood
Sunday: Chris King

Gruene Hall
Monday: Bret Graham
Tuesday: Tom Gillam, Gordy Quist & Court Nance
Wednesday: Chubby Knuckle Choir
Thursday: Jamie Wilson Trio
Friday: William Clark Green opens for Bob Schneider
Saturday: Flat Top Jones at 1 then Cooder Graw
Sunday: Slim Bawb at noon then Harry Bodine

Tavern in the Gruene
Monday: Court Nance and friends
Tuesday: Roots and Branches of Americana guests Walt Wilkins and Josh Grider at 7 then The Blooms
Thursday: Kurt Grein Band
Friday: HH w/Tony Taylor and Claire Cunningham then Monty 'Guitar' Tyler
Saturday: B.J. Thibodeaux & Backwater Blvd
Sunday: Allan Goodman, Kris Farrow and Matthew Briggs

The Phoenix Saloon
Thursday: Happy hour with James Pardo (5-7)
Friday: Happy hour with Lucas Taylor (5-7)
Saturday: Rodney Hayden Band
Sunday: Al Barlow and friends at 2 then True Audio Outland Presents: Tombstone Bullies

The PourHaus
Tuesday: Open mic night
Thursday: Brett Hauser
Friday: Pawn Shop Gold
Saturday: The Old 300

Oma Gruene's Secret Garten
Thursday: Jam night with Adam Johnson
Friday: Empty-Handed Vagadonds
Saturday: The Blue Bucks at 1 then The Headhunters
Sunday: Adam Johnson & The Pay Me's

Vino En Verde
Friday: Isis The Voice
Saturday: Two Rivers Trio

Vineyard at Gruene

Buffalo Wings & Rings
Wednesday: Steven Roloff

Los Cucos
Tuesday: Alli Mattice Band
Friday: Alli Mattice Band

Gruene Cricket Pub
Wednesday: 3 Man Front

Dirty's Bar N Que
Tuesday: Randy Sosa
Thursday: Steven Roloff and friends
Friday: Farm Boys
Saturday: Kenn Gullett & friends

Riley's Tavern
Monday: Songwriter's Showcase with John Whipple
Tuesday: Steven Roloff
Wednesday: Josh Mrozinski
Thursday: Jeff Smithart
Friday: JWW & The Prospectors
Saturday: Deuce Coupe

Lone Star Music (in-store)
Thursday: Dustin Welch

Cheatham Street Warehouse
Monday: Jericho
Tuesday: Will Arrington & Brett Hauser
Wednesday: Kent Finlay's Songwriter's Circle
Thursday: K Phillips & Concho Pearls
Friday: Tessy Lou & The Shotgun Stars then Mike Beck Band
Saturday: Adam Hood with Courtney Patton

Texas Music Theater
Tuesday: Texas Music Scene Taping of Wade Bowen & No Justice

Triple Crown
Monday: Scott Wood & the Kyle Project at 6 then Chief & the Doomsday Project
Tuesday: Daniel Thomas Phipps at 6 then Dan Holmes Group + South Austin Allstars
Wednesday: David Harris at 6 then Andy Evans & the Brotherhood + Garrett Snowden
Thursday: Joel Hofmann Band at 6 then Those Nights + Summer Swells + Three Leaf
Friday: Pepper's Blues at 6 then The Beaumonts + The Pistolsmiths
Saturday: Hooka Hey + Ghosts of Dixie + Giant Salvina + Forever Town

Sam's Burger Joint
Monday: The Biscuit Grabbers
Thursday: Moreland & Arbuckle with The Mighty Orq
Friday: Riff House Review 2013 with K Phillips & The Concho Pearls and many more!
Saturday: Jon Dee Graham with Mike June
Sunday: SoldierSongs and Voices Workshop

ourtracks.com Songwriter's Front Porch (SA Rodeo)
Monday: 5:00-7:00 Scott Taylor Band
Tuesday: 5:00-7:00 Ashlee Rose & Kayla Ray
Wednesday: 5:00-7:00 Stephanie Macias & K Phillips
Thursday: 5:00-7:00 Bryan Catalini & Kyle Reed
Friday: 5:00-7:00 Dennis Jay & Missoula Slim
7:00-9:00 Jorge Gallegos & Dave Perez
Saturday: 12:00-2:00 Rewby & Joy Davis
2:00-4:00 Jack Motley & Tom Vickers
4:00-6:00 Ali Holder & Daniel Thomas Phipps
Sunday: 12:00-2:00 James Pardo & Pake Rossi
2:00-4:00 Jason Marbach & Manzy Lowry
4:00-6:00 James Delgado & Kyle Drescher

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