Todd Snider's #OccupyCheathamStreet

Photo from Todd Snider
"We are here and we're not going anywhere all week long. I don't care what anyone says.  We are going to stay here, and we are going to protest against the negativity and the craziness in the world.   We want people to just 'Be cool'. We want our world leaders to just 'Be cool'.  We are going to occupy Cheatham Street Warehouse."

That was the message from Todd Snider on the first night of what could be a very interesting week in San Marcos,  Texas. Not only is Todd Snider paying tribute to Cheatham Street Warehouse owner Kent Finlay, who passed way earlier this year, he is also filming a documentary and encouraging his followers to join him in sharing his message by creating signs and living amongst the bar in a tent mini city.

Day one drew a couple of hundred people including songwriters Hayes Carll, Owen Temple, and Adam Carroll, among a host of other notables. The festivities continued through  the night,  making good on Todd's promise to protest throughout the week. Day two promises another host of luminaries of music and more encouragement for everyone to 'Be cool'.


Special guests:
• Monday: Hayes Carll, Adam Carroll, Chris Caroll, Jonny Burke, Dustin Welch, Greg Brown and more?
• Tuesday: I'll try to list all of them this time...
Jack Ingram, Kevin Welch, Dustin Welch, Owen Temple, Rorey Carroll, Rock Bottom String Band, Victor Holk, Kathleen O'Keefe, Marshall Anderson, Josh Dodds, Eric Middleton, Lew Card, Matt Mathis, Jason Bednorz, JR Castro, Joey Lee Finlay, Sterling Finlay,
• Wednesday: Even longer songwriter circle list!
Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines, Adam Carroll, AL Barlow, Bill Whitbeck, Halleyanna, Missoula Slim, Grant Worley, Ryan Seiler, Victor Holk, Chris Edwards, Brady Beal, Ben Worley, Laurie Jasinski, Devin Deville, Pake Rossi, Justin Conway, Tepper Saffren, Julianna Reed, Taylor Robbins, Skyler Sanders, Joey Lee Finley, Sterling Finley

Thursday through Saturday's performances are being filmed as part of the making of a documentary about Cheatham Street Warehouse's late owner Kent Finlay! They're going to close the street between the warehouse and the woodshed (it'll make sense when you get there) on Friday and Saturday unless the man puts his foot on their neck and makes them open it back up, but I think they're doing it legitimately, so maybe it'll stay that way!

Todd Snider on Facebook
Todd's #OccupyCheathamStreet Facebook post on Monday
Todd's #OccupyCheathamStreet Facebook post on Tuesday
Cheatham Street Warehouse on Facebook

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