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Thank you to Rita Ballou (@rawhidevelvet) for the heads up!

The Trishas have been one of my favorite groups over the past few years, they announced today on Facebook that they will be pursuing solo projects and won't be a full-time touring group.   I am not concerned, something this good can't end, well with exception of Ragweed, and well there have been others, but I am certain we'll see these ladies continue to get together from time to time for years to come!

Here is the post from Facebook...


We hope everyone has had a splendid summer! We have had a wonderful and busy summer; in fact we've had a wonderful and busy five years and in a few months we will be taking a band break. We'll be pursuing individual interests and taking time to write and be with our families, but don't worry you'll still see Trishas popping up everywhere doing solo gigs, special projects, etc.! 

Our upcoming shows at Anderson Fair (August 22 & 23rd) have special significance for two reasons. One: we will be recording both nights for a live record full of songs you can't get on our other records! We hope you can be a part of the magic and join the party! Two: Sadly, these will be the last shows of the year with our beautiful Lizzy, as she's had some outside obligations come up sooner than expected. Jamie, Kelley and Savannah will play out the remaining shows this Fall with the welcomed accompaniment of Brandy Zdan. Liz will return to jump aboard the Delbert McClinton cruise with us in January and other Trisha shows in the future! 

We look forward to seeing you at one of our shows soon!

In love and gratitude, the girls.

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