Week of 6/17/2013

• Billy's Ice: David Stewart Band
• River Road Ice House: Empty-Handed Vagabonds
• Gruene Hall: Gordy Quist
• Tavern in the Gruene: Sixty Cycle Hum
• The PourHaus: Hunter McKithan
• Riley's Tavern: Songwriter showcase w/John Whipple
• Cheatham Street Warehouse:
--- 5:00 - SoldierSongs and Voices Workshop w/Dustin Welch
--- Bo Brumble, Haley Cole, Jordan York and Tony Taylor
• Triple Crown: everydays a hollyday at 6
• Sam's Burger Joint: Woody Pines

• Billy's Ice: Moonlight Social
• River Road Ice House: Jam night!
• Gruene Hall: Two Ton Tuesday
• Tavern in the Gruene:
--- 7 - KNBT Roots and Branches of Americana w/Ray Wylie Hubbard
--- 9:30 - The Blooms
• The PourHaus: Open mic w/Jon Magill
• Los Cucos: Alli Mattice Band
• Riley's Tavern: Steven Roloff
• Lone Star Music: Dolly Shine at 6
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Blue Water Highway + Jason Bednorz
• Triple Crown: Daniel Thomas Phipps at 6

• Billy's Ice: Whiskey Rodeo
• River Road Ice House: Andrea Marie and the Magnolia Band w/Jeromy Hooper
• Gruene Hall: Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun
• Tavern in the Gruene: Forest Allen & Birdie Schneider
• The Phoenix Saloon: Wednesday Night Shuffle w/Chris King & The Liberators & special guest: !
• The PourHaus: Scott Wiggins
• Buffalo Wings & Rings: Steven Roloff and friends
• Riley's Tavern: Michael Fletcher
• Lone Star Music: Slaid Cleaves at 6
• Central TX Speedway: KOKE fm free concert series with Cody Johnson and The Rankin Twins
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Kent Finlay's songwriter circle
• Momma's Gold Crown Billiards: Open jam night w/Adam Johnson and Ruben Col√≥n, Jr
• Triple Crown: Emily Herring at 6
• The Veranda Rooftop Patio: Bryan Boyce, Paul Rogers and a guest

• Billy's Ice: Trey Stapleton Band
• River Road Ice House: Whiskey Rodeo
• Gruene Hall: Noel McKay and Brennan Leigh
• Tavern in the Gruene: Dukes of York
• The Phoenix Saloon: Happy hour w/Adam Johnson
• The PourHaus: Myles Smith
• Landa Park Dance Slab: South Texas Review
• Freiheit: Open mic w/Fallon Franklin of The Boxers
• Oma Gruene's Secret Garten: Jam night
• Vino en Verde: Beau Daniels Band
• Vineyard at Gruene: Cody & Ashley from Band of Bandits
• Dirty's Bar N Que: Steven Roloff and friends
• Riley's Tavern: Gerry's Kids
• Lone Star Music: Hill Country Gentlemen at 6
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Foscoe Jones
• Triple Crown: Beth Lee at 6
• Sam's Burger Joint: Ian Moore and The Lossy Coils

• Billy's Ice: The Shane Rogers Band
• River Road Ice House: GUADAJAM!
• Gruene Hall: Merle Haggard
• Tavern in the Gruene:
--- Happy hour w/Tony Taylor & Claire Cunningham
--- Mark Monaco
• The Phoenix Saloon: Happy hour w/Daniel Thomas Phipps then The Beaumonts + Joel Hofmann
• The PourHaus: Aaron Stephens + The Captain Legendary Band
• Oma Gruene's Secret Garten: JumboFunk
• Bubba's Big Deck: Bo Brumble
• Koozie's: 3 Man Front
• Vino en Verde: Ken Raba
• Los Cucos: Alli Mattice
• The Palace Theater:
• Riley's Tavern: Shannon Lee Nelson
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Hill Country Gentlemen + The Will Callers
• Triple Crown: Eric Hisaw at 6
• Hooligans: The Velcro Pygmies
• Sam's Burger Joint: Grupo Fantasma

• Billy's Ice: Folk Family Revival
• River Road Ice House: GUADAJAM!
• Gruene Hall:
--- 1 - Poor J Brown
--- 9 - Micky & The Motorcars w/Cody Jinks
• Tavern in the Gruene: Backwater BLVD
• The Phoenix Saloon: Rick Sanford Band
• The PourHaus: July
• Oma Gruene's Secret Garten:
--- 1 - The Headhunters
--- 6 - Kim Meeks and Her Bad Habits
• Koozie's: AC & The Bad Billys
• Vino en Verde: Sweet Sauce
• Riley's Tavern: Sarah Gayle Meech
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Six Market Blvd
• Triple Crown: Grant Ewing (cd release) + Victor Holk + The Shady Rest Band
• Hooligans: Audiomouth
• Sam's Burger Joint: Terri Hendrix & Lloyd Maines w/Bonnie Whitmore, Ashlee Rose & Edie Lynn

• Billy's Ice: NB Blues Society Jam
• River Road Ice House: GUADAJAM!
• Gruene Hall:
--- 12:30 - Phoebe Hunt Band (cd release)
--- 5 - Warren Hood & The Goods (cd release)
• The Phoenix Saloon:
--- Sunday Phunday w/Al Barlow at 2!
--- True Audio Outland Presents: TBA
• Lone Star Float House: Jonny Burke w/Brandy Zdan
• The PourHaus: The Groove Hounds then Larry Martin Sweeney
• Oma Gruene's Secret Garten: Lesti Huff at 2
• Riley's Tavern: From the Ashes with love benefit! Music all day!
• Sam's Burger Joint: SoldierSongs & Voices Workshop

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