Week of 1/21/2013

Billy's Ice
Monday: Wes Nickson
Tuesday: April Hall on RFT then Austin Gilliam
Wednesday: Whiskey Rodeo
Thursday: Corey Kane Band
Friday: Sam Riggs and The Night People
Saturday: Midnight River Choir (Nick's Birthday Party!)
Sunday: Band of Bandits

River Road Ice House
Monday: Empty-Handed Vagabonds
Tuesday: Open mic night
Wednesday: Seth Candan and Eric Middleton
Thursday: Big Red Drum Showcase
Friday: Adam Hood, Brian Keane and Jason Eady
Saturday: Daniel Thomas Phipps
Sunday: Waylon Gruene Malone Benefit!

Gruene Hall
Monday: Bret Graham
Tuesday: Tom Gillam & Lisa Morales
Wednesday: Warren Hood & The Champeens
Thursday: Aaron Einhouse
Friday: Van Wilks
Saturday: Flat Top Jones at 1 then Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights
Sunday: Slim Bawb at noon then Chris Ruest and friends

Tavern in the Gruene
Monday: Court Nance and friends
Tuesday: Roots and Branches of Americana then The Blooms
Thursday: Dry River Religion
Friday: Tony Taylor
Saturday: Smoke Wagon

The Phoenix Saloon
Thursday: Happy hour with Lucas Taylor
Friday: Happy hour with Steven Vee followed by DJ B.READ
Saturday: The Georges
Sunday: Al Barlow and friends at 2 then True Audio Outland Presents

Brauntex Theater
Thursday: The Blooms do the hits of Springsteen!

The PourHaus
Tuesday: Open mic with Jon Magill
Thursday: Brian Pounds
Friday: The Sweet Nuthin
Saturday: AC & The Bad Billys

Vino En Verde
Friday: Aaron Stephens
Saturday: Dry River Religion

Vineyard at Gruene
Thursday: B.J. Thibodeaux (acoustic 7-9)

Los Cucos
Tuesday: Alli Mattice Band
Friday: Alli Mattice Band

Buffalo Wings & Rings
Wednesday: Steven Roloff

Watering Hole Saloon
Tuesday: Vagabonds Del Sol
Wednesday: Josh Holden of 3 Man Front

Oma Gruene's Secret Garten
Thursday: Jam Night
Friday: MC & The Mystyx
Saturday: Kim Meeks and Her Bad Habits at 1 and Jumbo Funk at 6
Sunday: Smokehouse Blues at 2

Herbert's Taco Hut (NB)
Thursday: Buddy Boy

Iron Horse Grill
Friday: Buddy Boy with Randy Clark and Randy Miller

Riley's Tavern
Tuesday: Kris Smith
Wednesday: Philip Gibbs
Thursday: Pepper's Blues
Friday: Jesse Dayton Hardcharger
Saturday: Cornell Hurd

Happy Cow Bar & Grill
Tuesday: Tenacious Tuesday open jam!
Friday: 3 Chord Rodeo
Saturday: Two River Trio
Sunday: New Braunfels Blues Society: Blues Jam 3-7

Cheatham Street Warehouse
Monday: Grant Ewing
Tuesday: Will Arrington then Brett Hauser
Wednesday: Kent Finlay's Songwriter's Circle
Thursday: Dirty River Boys
Friday: Carolyn Wonderland
Saturday: 6 Market Blvd

Texas Music Theater
Friday: Reckless Kelly with Micky and the Motorcars
Saturday: Sam Riggs and The Night People with Andy Evans and The Brotherhood

Triple Crown
Monday: Molly & the Fish at 6 the Chief & the Doomsday Device
Tuesday: Ripe Honey at 6 then Fine Fellows + The Sniffs
Wednesday: David Harris at 6 then Bonsai NAtion + Sp_ces + Standard Series
Thursday: Eric Hisaw at 6 then Taylor Louis & the Lifeguards + Autumn Impov + more!
Friday: Callous Taoboys at 6 then Antiques + Those Nights + Major Major Major + more!
Saturday: Ghosts of Dixie + Featherfae + The Handshaks + Canvas People

Sam's Burger Joint
Monday: Michael Holt & The Trophy 500s
Thursday: The Wagoneers
Friday: Terry Allen with Rodney Hayden
Saturday: Swan Song (Led Zeppelin Tribute)
Sunday: SoldierSongs and Voices Workshop

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