San Marcos Live Music 10/12/2016

Here's the upcoming live music in the San Marcos area, provided by Tour San Marcos!

WEDNESDAY: October 12
• Aquabrew: Ommarr Awake (9pm)
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Missoula Slim (6pm) Kent Finlay’s Songwriter Circle (8pm)
• Crafthouse Kitchen & Tap: Jordon Isaac (8pm)
• Kiva Lounge: Bluegrass Night (9pm)
• Riley's Tavern: Shad Blair (9pm)
• Texas State Performing Arts Center: Christopher Guzman (6pm) TICKETS
• Valentino’s: Rachel Kelly (7pm) Sammi & Justin (8pm) Cleverheads Prevail (9pm) The Sports Club (10pm)

THURSDAY: October 13
• Aquabrew: San Martian (9pm)
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Marshall Anderson (9pm)
• Green Parrot: Ty Dillon (9pm) The JJ Garrett Band (10pm)
• The Growling: Josh Kelly (9pm)
• Kent Black’s BBQ: Missoula Slim (7pm)
• Kiva Lounge: Shaker Hymns w/ Rusty Dusty (9pm)
• The Marc: GTA w/ Burns & Two Fresh (9pm) TICKETS
• Riley's Tavern: The Shady Rest Band (8pm)
• Valentino’s: Fourth Time Around (7pm) Seth Tymeson & the Blind Salamanders (8pm) Bogan Villa (9pm) A Tribute to the Sun (10pm)
• Wake The Dead: Irish Jam Session (7:30pm)

FRIDAY: October 14
• Aquabrew: Ryan Kennedy (9pm)
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Blue Water Highway Band w/ special guest Charlie Stout (9pm) TICKETS
• Crafthouse Kitchen & Tap: Ryan Stripes & Austin Gilliam (8pm)
• Green Parrot: Sound Stone (9pm)
• The Growling: Cory Mann & Friends (9pm)
• Happy Cow: Slim Bawb & the Fabulous Stump Grinders (8:30pm)
• Kent Black’s BBQ: Bill Hearne (6pm)
• Kiva Lounge: Resonant Frequency (9pm)
• Louie’s Oyster House & Beer Garden: Andy Bertelsen (6pm)
• Riley's Tavern: Mark Jungers (6pm) Big John Mills (9pm)
• Zelick’s: The Power Trio (5pm)

SATURDAY: October 15
• Aquabrew: Marcus Morales
• Chances R: Shaker Hymns (10pm)
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Hunter Rea Band (9pm)
• Crafthouse Kitchen & Tap: Grant Ewing (8pm)
• The Growling: Hendric Chartman (9pm)
• Happy Cow: Silver Cloud (9pm)
• Jack’s Roadhouse: Law by the Gun (9pm)
• Kent Black’s BBQ: Adam Johnson (6pm)
• Kiva Lounge: Henry & the Invisibles (9pm)
• Middleton Brewing Company: Bill Middleton (12pm)
• Riley's Tavern: James Hand (9pm)

SUNDAY: October 16
• Kent Black’s BBQ: Dennis Jay w/ Bob Stafford (6pm)
• Louie’s Oyster House & Beer Garden: Andy Bertelsen (3pm)
• Riley's Tavern: Songwriter Sunday w/ Ted Russell (4pm)
• Texas State Performing Arts Center: Daria Rabotkina (6pm) TICKETS

MONDAY: October 17
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Grant Ewing & Friends (9pm)
• Middleton Brewing Company: Open Mic w/ Bill Middleton (6pm)
• Superfly’s Music Store: Paul Cauthen (6pm)

TUESDAY:  October 18
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: The Rail House Band (9pm)
• Riley's Tavern: Open Mic w/ Al Barlow (8pm)
• Texas State Performing Arts Center: Vincent de Vries (6pm) TICKETS

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