Jerry Jeff Walker at River Road Ice House!

Jerry Jeff Walker is an institution around these parts. He's been making music longer than many of his fans have been alive, and that says something when you continue to draw not only a crowd from the droves of fans that have been peppering your audience since you got your start in (and in many ways helped define) this music scene in the late 60's, but you're also drawing an audience from their kids and even some of their grandkids would rather see JJW versus some of the mess that litters the country charts these days. Don't get me wrong, there are some good and talented folks charting, especially lately, but the "what draws a crowd" of today just amazes me!

Come to River Road Ice House on Saturday, September 3rd and see how a real entertainer puts it down! His old pal Bob Livingston will be playing bass on Saturday night, and JJW as always will put on a fantastic show!

By the way, if you want FREE VIP ROOFTOP TICKETS to this show, check our Facebook page!

Here's one of my favorite relatively recent videos of Jerry Jeff.

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