Angie Keilhauer of The Voice in New Braunfels

Check below for several local dates over the next 2 weeks!

Angie Keilhauer's blind audition for season 10 of The Voice aired on Tuesday, March 1st. Angie is from El Salvador and her family moved to Marietta, Georgia when she was eleven years old. Angie's mom played lots of Dolly Parton when Angie was young, and she fell in love with music and more specifically the personal stories behind the songs. Angie wanted to be a singer for as long as she can remember, and after some time during college playing gigs in bars for small payouts and sometimes sleeping in her car while on the road, she decided that even though it can be tough she had to do music no matter what. Angie decided to drop out of college and be a full time performer on a cruise ship where she could play often for large audiences without all the hassles of travel on the road. Angie also plays private events, corporate events, parties, weddings, bars, restaurants and more, but her primary source of income and performance experience came from playing on Carnival Cruise Lines for the past couple of years.

As Angie walked onto stage for her blind audition, Christina Aguilera immediately pegged that Angie was wearing cowboy boots from the sound of her walking. With her adoring family watching from just off stage left, Angie performed "I Hold On" which was written by Dierks Bentley and Brett James and first released by Dierks in 2013 on his seventh studio album 'Riser'. Angie played the first verse, chorus and second verse to nothing but back and forth looks from the judges, lots of smiles and some swaying back and forth from Christina who seemed to be enjoying the performance. Christina never hit her button, that when pressed indicates "I WANT YOU" as the chair lights up when it turns around to face the performer. But after Angie got through the second verse and reached the second chorus, Blake, Pharrell and Adam all three hit their buttons at the exact same time, and Angie's family let out sounds of joy as Pharrell pointed out was louder than the entire audience as he invited her to bring them out onto the stage with her. When presented with the choice of which coach of those that hit their button during her performance, she chose Blake Shelton which made her the 11th member of #TeamBlake.

Angie's blind audition:

Now *I* for one fully expected that between her voice and obvious comfort with performing and playing the guitar, that she would make it pretty far through the course of the show. Angie was paired with Pop singer Teresa Guidry for "The Battles" round, and Angie came out victorious and went onto "The Knockouts". Unfortunately, when Angie went head to head with Paxton Ingram and fought to keep her spot on #TeamBlake, she was eliminated when Blake chose Paxton, stating that he loves that she's always up for any challenge and doesn't pick easy songs, and she's such an artist that she always digs in to find a way to make any song work for her. But Blake thought Paxton connected with his song choice and everybody could feel it. I feel it ultimately came down to a poor song choice for Angie, as she performed the Sam Hunt/Josh Osborne/Shane McAnally song "Take Your Time". Angie did a GREAT job making it her own, but the strength of the song just wasn't there.

Since being eliminated from The Voice, Angie is on tour which includes several stops in New Braunfels and San Antonio, followed by stops from one end of the country to the other throughout May.

Apr 16:Pour Haus at 5:30 SEE VIDEO!
Apr 17:Billy's Ice
Apr 21:Freiheit Country Store (opening for Cory Morrow)
Apr 22:Herbert's at 5
Apr 23:Vino en Verde
Apr 24:Billy's Ice w/Drew Kennedy & Kathleen O'Keefe at 4
Apr 24:Quarry Hofbrau

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