New Album "Breathless" From Sam Riggs

Sam Riggs first came onto our radar when he released his EP "Lighthouse" in 2012. It was an extremely solid piece of work, and it planted him firmly into our secretive and unpublished list of artists to watch closely. In 2013 their full length album "Outrun the Sun" was released and confirmed our suspicion that Sam Riggs would become a mainstay in Texas music for years to come.

Here's a little info about his new album "Breathless", available on February 19th, 2016. We can't wait to hear it!

Produced by Sam Riggs himself along with Eric Herbst, “Breathless” is a sincere, unfiltered look into the person Sam has become. The album’s first single “The Lucky Ones” represents the first leg of his journey, a story told through 20/20 hindsight about the fortunes of struggle with a cameo performance from the University of North Texas Drum Line. “Gravity” is a true anchor on the album depicting that specific period in life between when you have to get out, and when you actually can. Well throughout the album you get a real sense of Sam’s more vulnerable side, and the way he writes about a man’s response to a women’s spell is the stuff of bestselling novels. Considering lyrics like “Just one kiss from your novocaine lips and you take all my pain away” (“Breathless”), “One more kiss is all I need to get through. I guess you’re just a habit I can’t break” (“Second Hand Smoke”), and “The fire in your touch, it’s like a needle in my veins” (“One More Chance To Stay”), you see a man who has warred with the dangerous addictions of love, but also one that has not been afraid to wave the white flag of surrender. All this is not to say that the album is without muscle. “Wake The Dead” feels like pure adrenaline, a heart racing ride in honky tonk rap style. And finally, “High On A Country Song” is the Sam Riggs live show experience coming through the speakers, where the energy is so thick you can cut it with a knife. In total, “Breathless” is the sound you hear clearly above the racket of mediocrity, and it signals that a new age of “artist” has arrived.
Upcoming tour dates:
January 23rd - Commerce, TX-Drunken Mule Saloon
January 29th- Wichita, KS-The Port of Wichita
January 30th-Ft. Worth, TX-Ft. Worth Stock show and Rodeo
February 4th-Sugarland, TX-San Antonio Rose
February 5th-Spring, TX-Big Texas
February 6th-Port Arthur, TX-Mardi Gras Southeast Texas
February 18th-Cedar Park, TX-Wild West
February 19th-Helotes, TX-Floore’s Country Store
February 20th-Dallas,TX-Mardi Gras Texas Style
February 25th-Wichita Falls, TX-Denim & Diamonds
February 26th-Ft. Worth, TX-Whiskey Girl Saloon
February 27th-Stephenville, TX-City Limits

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