Some days are better than others...

Yesterday my boss was nice enough to let me take off a little early at work so I could go do something really cool!

So for some back story, my hobby over the past few years has become loving and promoting live music, so much in fact that I've created this website and social media presence that I semi hide behind.  I book gigs for a really cool classic folk and western songwriter named Dennis Jay.  Dennis has devoted the biggest part of his adult life to writing songs in a style that many people have forgotten about. His songs are very well written, and his delivery of them is so smooth and unique that it has made me start to go back and listen to some older folk and western songwriters and musicians again like Woodie Guthrie, Marty Robbins, Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb, Lefty Frizzell and many more.  These are the roots of where much of today's better music came from, and Dennis is very authentically continuing in that spirit.

Back to yesterday...  Dennis is currently in the studio recording his next full length album, Lloyd Maines is producing it and Pat Manske at The Zone Recording Studio is engineering it. If you don't know who Lloyd Maines is, he has produced and/or played on hundreds of albums for dozens of very talented people, he won a grammy for producing "Home" by Dixie Chicks, plus he is the father to lead singer Natalie Maines. The guys in Dennis' band "Lonesome Town" are playing on the record, there are a few other various musicians coming in to fill in some of the blanks, but Lloyd has really taken a liking to Dennis' songs and style and he is playing some rhythm and lead guitar parts, bass guitar and adding some touches of pedal steel to really round this sound out.  I can't tell you what an honor it was to watch brilliant musicians and audio engineers at work, and the previews I heard of some of the rough mixes BLEW me away! I can't wait for you all to hear it!

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