#FloodRelief 2015 Benefits

I'm going to compile a list of all the various #FloodRelief benefits that pop up here and there. I know there will be lots of them, which is a huge help to all those who have been left without some of all of their belongings, or sadly even those who have lost loved ones. I am involved in the planning of a benefit by Do Good Texas (Amy Painter) that will be held at Billy's Ice on July 25 and July 26. That's right, TWO DAYS of raising money for #FloodRelief! I hope it and all the others are a huge success, and I hope all of them are being well managed so that a majority or hopefully ALL of the proceeds (like ours) will go straight to the victims that need it.

The list so far:
May 30 at Strange Brew: SIMS Foundation
June 6 at 2pm at Taxi's: Concerts for a Cause
June 7 at The Marc: #BandTogetherTX [SOLD OUT]
June 13/14 Stone Valley Texas Music Park: Blanco River Flood Relief
July 25/26 at Billy's Ice: Do Good Texas

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