Cody Canada and The Departed debut new song on Rolling Stone

Although not a new band having been around since late in 2010, Cody Canada and The Departed are a band well worthy of this recognition from Rolling Stone. They first brought us the sounds of Oklahoma songwriters in the top shelf tribute album "This Is Indian Land" in 2011, followed that up with a selection of originals featuring both Cody and then co-lead guitarist/vocalist Seth James with their fantastic record "Adventus" in 2012. Now The Departed; being made up of 50% Cross Canadian Ragweed members Cody Canada and bassist Jeremy Plato have come full circle with a new record that has a sound that will be familiar to long-time fans of Cody Canada. What I've heard of these new songs from their upcoming record "HippieLovePunk" so far there is a distinct sound that is not something you can label as "Ragweed", but a sound that is very distinctly that of Cody Canada.

Here is the Rolling Stone article by Andrew Leahey

As the frontman of Cross Canadian Ragweed, Cody Canada spent years swirling Southern rock, Dustbowl country and roadhouse roots music into songs that celebrated the ups and downs of life in middle America. He was the poster boy for the Red Dirt movement, a proud outsider who could camp out in the upper reaches of the country charts — and sell more than a million copies of the band's albums, to boot — without playing by the rules of the Nashville machine. Even the band's own breakup bucked convention, with the guys deciding to throw in the towel after releasing four Top 10 records in a row.

continue reading on Rolling Stone

Here is the debut of "Inbetweender" by Cody Canada & The Departed!

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