Week of 9/16/2013

• Billy's Ice: Joe Teichman
• River Road Ice House: Empty-Handed Vagabonds
• Gruene Hall: Tish Hinojosa & Marvin Dykhuis
• Tavern in the Gruene: Court Nance Accident
• Riley's Tavern: Songwriter showcase w/John Whipple
• Cheatham Street Warehouse:
--- 5:00 - SoldierSongs and Voices Workshop w/Dustin Welch
--- Grant Ewing & Colin Colby
• Triple Crown: Ripe Honey at 6
• Sam's Burger Joint: Ruby Dee & the Snakehandlers

• Billy's Ice: Mike Ethan Messick
• River Road Ice House: Fast Betty
• Gruene Hall: Tom Gillam w/Randy Weeks and Elizabeth Lee
• Tavern in the Gruene:
--- 7 - KNBT Roots and Branches of Americana w/Ray Wylie Hubbard and guests Willy and Cody Braun from Reckless Kelly
--- 9:30 - The Blooms
• The PourHaus: Open mic w/Jon Magill
• Los Cucos: Alli Mattice Band
• Riley's Tavern: Steven Roloff
• Lone Star Music: Kylie Rae Harris at 6
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Midnight River Choir + Russell Bisby
• Triple Crown: Bruce Curtis
• Bungalow Rainey: StoneFace Cowboys

• Billy's Ice: Aaron Stephens
• River Road Ice House: Tony Taylor
• Gruene Hall: Chubby Knuckle Choir
• Tavern in the Gruene: TBA
• The Phoenix Saloon: Hillbilly Jug Band
• The PourHaus: Myles Smith
• Watering Hole Saloon: Allan Goodman
• Buffalo Wings & Rings: Steven Roloff and friends
• Riley's Tavern: Michael Fletcher
• Lone Star Music: Dan Holmes Group at 7
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Kent Finlay's songwriter circle
• Barriba Cantina: Adam Johnson Band tonight!
• Triple Crown: Emily Herring at 6
• The Veranda Rooftop Patio: Bryan Boyce and friends

• Billy's Ice: Cyrus James
• River Road Ice House: Whiskey Rodeo
• Gruene Hall: Jordan Minor and the Bottom Dollar Band
• The Phoenix Saloon: Happy hour w/Lucas Taylor
• The PourHaus: Brett Hauser
• Brauntex Theater: Creedence Clearwater Revival w/Tom Gillam
• Oma Gruene's Secret Garten: Jam night w/David Russell
• Vino en Verde: Howard Yeargan
• New Braunfels Coffee: Open mic night w/Richard Sanders
• Moose's Food Court: Jam night
• Dirty's Bar N Que: Steven Roloff and friends
• Lone Star Music:
--- Folk Family Revival at 5:30
--- Hill Country Gentlemen at 7
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Foscoe Jones & the Distractions + Blue Water Duo
• Triple Crown: The Christophers at 6
• Sam's Burger Joint: Tab Benoit
• Logans on 6th: StoneFace Cowboys

• Billy's Ice: Dean Seltzer & the Redneck Mothers
• River Road Ice House: Tom Gillam Band
• Gruene Hall: Reckless Kelly cd release w/Buster Jiggs
• Tavern in the Gruene: Jonathan Fox Band
• The Phoenix Saloon: Happy hour w/Marcus Morales then The Beaumonts + Mayeux & Broussard
• The PourHaus: Red Dirt Ramblers
• Oma Gruene's Secret Garten: Cool Cat Charlie
• Clear Springs: Dennis Jay
• Vino en Verde: April Hall
• Los Cucos: Alli Mattice
• Moose's Food Court: The Mavs Trio
• Encanto Mexican Grill: New Wine
• Riley's Tavern: Glen Collins Band
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Brian Keane Band + Garrett Snowden
• Triple Crown: Eric Hisaw
• Jack's Roadhouse: Cover Girl
• Sam's Burger Joint: Ezra Charles + Ginger Pickett and the Troublemakers

• NB Farmer's Market: Winslow and Scheffler
• Billy's Ice: Audiolight
• River Road Ice House: StoneFace Cowboys
• Gruene Hall:
--- 1 - Bo Porter cd release
--- Reckless Kelly cd release w/Bonnie Whitmore
• Tavern in the Gruene: Kyle Reed Band
• The Phoenix Saloon: The Hill Country Gentlemen
• The PourHaus: Full Service
• Oma Gruene's Secret Garten:
--- Smokehouse Guitar Army at 1
--- Lesti Huff Band at 6
• The Grapevine: Bret Graham at 6pm
• Clear Springs: TBA
• Vino en Verde: Empty-Handed Vagabonds
• Moose's Food Court: The Groove Doctors
The Texas Theatre: Heart of Texas Roadshow w/Johnny Lee and the Urban Cowboy Band, Tony Booth, Justin Trevino and Dottsy
• Riley's Tavern: Bracken Hale Band
• Lone Star Music: Reckless Kelly at 5
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: Aaron Einhouse + Buster Jiggs
• Triple Crown: The Beaumonts + The Hickoids
• Jack's Roadhouse: Matt Begley and Bitter Whiskey w/JJ Garrett Band
• Sam's Burger Joint: Abbey Rode (Beatles tribute) Already Gone (Eagles tribute)
• Floore Country Store: Mario Flores and the Soda Creek Band w/Cameran Nelson and Guardrail Damage Ahead
• Aloft Austin@Domain: Ashley Monical
Hill Country Galleria: K Phillips and the Concho Pearls

• Billy's Ice: Santa's Rolling Reindeer
• River Road Ice House:
--- NB Blues Society Juke Jam at 3
--- Red Feather Trio
• Gruene Hall: Poor J Brown
• Tavern in the Gruene: Whiskey Rodeo
• The Phoenix Saloon:
--- Sunday Afternoon Live w/Daniel T Phipps at 2
--- True Audio Outland Presents: Dave Quanbury Band
• The PourHaus: Benefit - Believing for Bryleigh
• Oma Gruene's Secret Garten: The Blues Buzzards at 2
• The Vineyard: Al Barlow & Paul McLaughlin at 4
• Cheatham Street Warehouse: TBA

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